Permanent Magnet DC

Our permanent magnet DC motors are totally enclosed fan cooled or totally enclosed non-ventilated for longer motor life. All motors are constructed from heavy duty gauge steel including frames, end bells, junction boxes, junction box covers and fan covers. Our permanent magnet DC motors are specifically designed for use with an SCR controller where applications require constant torque throughout the application and adjustable speeds. Voltages available are 12, 24, 90 and 180 volts. All motors are NEMA 56 C flange mount with removable bases.

Permanent Magnet DC Motor Features

permanent magnet DC motors

Permanent Magnet DC Motor Applications

Conveyors | Mobile Equipment | Packaging Equipment | Battery Supplied Equipment | Generator Supplied Equipment | Boat Lifts | Hydraulic Lifts | Food Packaging | Processing Machinery | Conveyor Drives | Balers | Low Voltage Machines | Pumps | Fans Chemical Feeders