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Electric Motors Store - About Us

We've been in the electric motor business since 1992 and started our internet site all the way back in 1994, when we first registered this domain. Since that time, we have sold thousands of motors to commercial end users and consumers across a wide range of industries. We are also proud of the many OEM customers that integrate our motors into their equipment or solutions. Because we are the factory or direct importer in most cases, we offer all our customers a competitive advantage over other channels of distribution for industrial products.
Because we have limited "bricks and mortar" overhead and all the associated costs, we can offer a substantial discount over giant industrial supply houses or independent motor shops. We provide a great alternative to traditional channels of electric motor distribution by providing a super value combined with efficient service, professional sales help and fast availability. In other words, all the reasons ecommerce is growing in every other sector of the economy also apply to industrial products and nobody on the net does electric motors better than us. Simply put, we are the leaders of our domain.

We've organized our site so that you can find the exact motor you need by simply typing in the model number of any major motor brand or by searching by frame, rpm or horsepower on our "motor finder." We also have a staff of seasoned motor veterans standing by ready to help you determine what you need and provide customer service and technical support after the sale. When you shop on the internet, beware of companies that are simply using the web to drum up leads or don't include all the facts. We tell you straight up what the item will cost delivered to your door, no gimmicks/no bull. We don't ask for a credit card or email address, the price is posted clear as day. Our pool, spa and pond equipment all come with everything you need to get it up and running. Many sites will nickel and dime you on seals, valves and hoses - we include all those things in our price. Many sites make it hard to compare apples to apples. We make it easy. We trust that if you have all the facts, we'll win your business the old fashioned way . . . we'll earn it!

Our support is world class and we're determined to delight you with our service. We follow the "golden rule" and treat you the way we want to be treated if we were in your shoes. We're based in Southern California and have offices across the country to serve you. Our hours of operation are from 7:00AM till 5:00PM PST Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings from 9:00AM until 12:00PM.