Explosion Proof T-Frame

Our explosion proof T-frame motors are UL listed, CSA Certified and meet all EPACT High Efficiency Standards. They are class One, Group C & D, class Two, Groups E, F & G with T3C temperature code. Construction features include cast iron frames, junction boxes and junction box covers. Additionally, all motors are wound with Class F insulation, have 1.15 service factors and thermo stats for overload protection. When your application calls for a high level of safety and you need a motor you can depend on, Explosion Proof T-Frame motord are perfect for large shops. Some applications generate flammable material in the air, and require the additional protection of an explosion proof motor. Certain locations are hazardous because the atmosphere does or may contain gas, vapor or dust in explosive quantities. This motor is designed for those environments.

Explosion Proof T-frame Motor Features

explosion proof motors

Explosion Proof T-frame Motor Applications

Fans | Blowers | Pumps | Air Compressors | Paint Spray Booths | Dry Cleaning Plants | Paint and Varnish Factories | Flour and Feed Mills | Coal Plants | Grain Elevators | Packaging Machinery | Dust Collectors | Cotton Gins | Conveyors | Grinders | Food Processing Equipment | Hostile Environments