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The value of a new replacement electric motor?

Your electric motor has just failed. Should you have it repaired or buy a new one?

You must consider the operating costs before making the final decision.

The cost of the motor is insignificant compared to the cost of the electricity required to operate it. NEMA premium efficiency motors really do save far more than the cost of the motor and keep on saving for years to come.

Look at the chart below and locate your annual operating hours on the bottom line. Now find the average cost of electricity at your facility. At the intersection of these lines, go horizontally to the left to find your hp breakpoint for TEFC motors. The example below for 4000 hours per year at $0.08/kWh indicates to simply replace rather than repair all failed standard efficiency motors 75 hp and smaller with NEMA premium efficiency motors. Even motors just above the breakpoint hp might be worth REPLACING rather than repairing.