1HP 1800RPM 56C-1595589621

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Short Description:
Stainless Steel 56C Frame Motor
Electric Motors

Our stainless steel motors are specifically designed to meet and/or exceed the requirements for a variety of applications such as meat packaging, food processing, pharmaceutical and beverage processing as well as clean room and sanitary applications or anywhere a motor is subject to high pressure wash downs. For environments that require extreme cleanliness and frequent wash-downs, it is well known that nothing stands up to a wet, corrosive environment as well as stainless steel and that's why it is considered the more desirable material for wash down duty motor frames and other exterior motor surfaces. The entire line is inverter rated for use with a VFD (variable frequency drive.)

These totally enclosed fan cooled motors have 1.15 service factor and are wound with class F insulation. When your application requires the very best in wash down duty motors, our motor will exceed you expectations. Remember, our price includes free delivery to your door. You can pay more, but you won't find a better motor anywhere.

Standard Features

  • NEMA C Flange for precision mounting
  • Double Lip Seals on Both Ends of Motor with Additional Shaft Slinger on drive
  • 4 Drain plugs and cast stainless end bells
  • Double reinforced and welded mounting base
  • Grade 300 Stainless steel frames, flanges, end bells, fan covers, fastening hardware, junction boxes, junction box covers and mounting bases
  • Fully gasketed junction box cover with flanged cover and threaded entrance for maximum sealing
  • State of the art grating on fan cover delivers maximum air flow for cooling


Wash Down Applications | Food Processing | Chemical Processing | Pharmaceuticals | Poultry Processing | Meat Processing | Dairy Applications | Bakery | Snack Foods | Bottling | Corrosive Environment | Tecate Plant Bottling