Triangular Vacuum Head

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Item Description

Swimming Pool Vacuum Head Bottom Brush, Transparent Triangular Weighted, 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" Hose

Gentle Bristles: The manual swimming pool and spa vacuum triangular head brush on the bottom is made of PVC material, will NOT damage nor scratch the pools and or spa's wall very easily.

Spring Handle: Handle has Spring-Loaded Locking Clips for attaching and detaching industry standard extension poles & the Vacuum Port Fits 1.25 & 1.5 inch standard vacuum hoses.

Premium Quality: Vacuum head is molded from transparent ABS plastic to be strong, durable, long lasting, & resistant to typical pool chemicals. Cleaning surface is 11'' wide.

Triangle Design: The triangular swimming and spa pool vacuum head is ideal for thorough cleaning of pool corners and hard to reach places.

Weighted Head: Weights keep the swimming pool vacuum head at the bottom of the swimming pool and or spa where it belongs. Rubber bumpers at the sides or the head prevent scrapping and/or scratching of vinyl swimming pool liners. 

Blue Transparent Design

Multiple sets of brushes on the bottom of the vacuum head are used for fast, easy and efficient cleaning. And the Triangular shape of the vacuum head protects the swimming pools walls. 

Clean the Swimming Pool Easily and Effortlessly

The Vacuum head is weighted and heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the swimming pool and or spa.  It quickly cleans off fallen leaves and depris and pond algae. Its triangular plastic body is shaped for maneuverability.